Best Defensive Ping Pong Paddles- A Buying Guide

Are you a beginner looking for the best defensive ping pong paddle to get you familiar with the game? Are you an expert player wanting to upgrade your ping pong paddle to improve your game? Look no more. We have covered it all. We bring you a comprehensive list of ping pong paddles that are sure to help you come to a purchasing decision regardless of which playing level you are at.
When choosing a defensive ping pong paddle, it is vital to know your preferences and playing style. Every paddle has a few distinct features and different players will have different preferences based on their playing style.


Top Pick of Defensive Ping Pong Paddle

Best Ping Pong Paddle

Stiga Titan

  • Great grip
  • Good value for money
  • Good to play defensive strokes
  • Offers a good amount of control

The main features to consider when purchasing a defensive ping pong paddle are:

⦁ Grip:

Grip here refers to the style of holding a paddle. Mostly, the Shakehand grip is used. Shakehand grip basically means holding the handle the way you would shake someone’s hand. There are two further options: flared and straight handle. Players who tend to grip tighter should choose the straight handle while those who have a relaxed group should consider buying the flared handle. Flared handle is wider towards the end and narrow in the middle while the straight handle has the same shape throughout.

⦁ Rubber:

If you are a defensive player, it is important to choose a paddle whose rubber has higher tackiness. Higher tackiness means more spin, and this is particularly significant for players with a defensive style.

⦁ Sponge:

A sponge is called thick if it is 2.2mm or more. For defensive players, a thinner sponge is preferred.

⦁ Type of player:

The paddle choice will vary according to the experience a player has. A beginner should ideally get a simple, easy-to-use paddle while an intermediate or professional player should make more technical choices based on their preferences while playing the game.

⦁ Speed, spin, and control:

When playing ping pong, a player is basically using a mix of spin, speed, and control to win the game. For a defensive player, control and spin play a greater role. Therefore, when choosing the best defensive ping pong paddle, instead of focusing on the speed, the focus should be on which paddle would offer the most spin and control.

Top 3 Best Defensive Ping Pong Paddles

Best Ping Pong Paddle Case

Killerspin Jet400

  • Reasonably priced
  • A good amount of spin
  • Comes with a 30-day warranty
Best Ping Pong Paddle Case

Killerspin Jet200

  • Comes with a warranty
  • Affordable price for beginners
  • sponge means higher speed
Best Ping Pong Paddle Case

Palio Expert 2.0Case

  • Provides great spin
  • Comes with a case
  • Relatively low priced

Now that we have shed light on what to look for when buying a defensive ping pong paddle, let’s dive in to see the best paddles the market has to offer.

8 Best Defensive Ping Pong Paddles

For a defensive player, control is more important than speed. They look for ways to

For Beginners

1: Stiga Titan

Rated as Amazon’s top choice, the Stiga Titan is a great choice if you are a new player in search of a paddle to get you started. It offers a great deal of control and that is one thing a beginner really needs to get a hold on the game. A racket with high speed or spin can be tough for a beginner. Therefore, for starters, Stiga Titan is a really good investment to get you familiar with the technique and placement. Once you gain some confidence, you can move to other higher-speed paddles.


Weight: 159 grams
Dimensions: 12 x 7 x 3 inches
Approved: by ITFF for tournament play
Uses: Stiga’s crystal technology which hardens the surface of the blade, allowing for more speed
Performance Ratings: Speed: 80, Spin: 77, Control: 82
Sponge thickness: Sponge thickness of 2mm allows for a decent amount of spin.
Blade: 5-ply Extra Light balsa wood
Concave Italian Composite Handle

  • Great grip
  • Good value for money
  • Good to play defensive strokes
  • Offers a good amount of control
  • Lightweight, allow for longer playtime
  • High-end technology used in the design
  • Low speed
  • Rubber quality is not that great
  • Not appropriate for the intermediate or advanced player

2: Killerspin Jet200

The Killerspin Jet200 is designed for beginners who have just taken up ping pong as a hobby and are keen to learn basic strokes and ball control. This beginner’s paddle is a good tool to learn the basics and improve strokes. The Jet200 is the cheapest paddle offered in the Jet series by Killerspin.


Ideal for beginners
Dimension: ‎6.13 x 10 inches
Weight: 175 Grams
Warranty of 30 days
Performance Rating: Control: 8.5, Spin: 7, Speed: 6
Comes with a personalized memory box that can be used for storage and to collect signatures and record scores and autographs.
Available in three colors: BluVanilla, Mocha, and Lime
5-Layer Wood Blade Construction
Rubbers in black and blue color,
Sponge thickness:1.8mm
Grip: Shake hand Flared grip
Not ITTF approved for tournaments

  • Comes with a warranty
  • The box accompanying the paddle can be used as a protective case
  • Affordable price for beginners. There are hardly any nice brands offering this quality at such a low price.
  • For beginners, it is recommended to play with a paddle having a sponge thickness between 1.5mm to 1.8mm. Thicker sponge means higher speed and that is not something a newbie would want. Therefore, Jet200 offers 1.8mm sponge layer ensuring more control and less speed.
  • Doesn’t offer much speed
  • The color choices are not very appealing
  • Not ITTF approved so cannot be used in official tournaments
  • There have been complaints about the handle being of poor quality.

3: Palio Expert 2

The Palio Expert 2 is a collaboration between Palio and Expert table tennis. This paddle is made for beginners who have just started out and are learning their way around the bat.


Skill level: beginner
Product dimensions: 11.02 x 7.28 x 0.91 inches
Weight: 0.44 Pounds
Performance rating: Speed: 6, Spin: 9, Control: 10
ITTF approved for tournament play
Rubbers – Palio CJ8000 rubbers on both sides
Shakehand styled paddle with a flared grip
Comes with a paddle case for storage

  • Provides great spin
  • Comes with a case
  • Relatively low priced then its competitors
  • Affordable price for beginners. There are hardly any nice brands offering this quality at such a low price.
  • With a control rating of 10, this bat is perfect for beginners as it allows maximum control of the ball while generating limited speed.
  • According to reviews, the rubber may peel off after a while
  • Not suitable for intermediate or advanced players due to low speed

For Intermediate Players

4: Stiga Evolution

With an Amazon rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars based on more than 1600 users, the Stiga Evolution paddle may just be what you are looking for to upgrade your game. It offers great value for money. The best attribute of Stiga evolution is that it gives the player the maximum amount of control. It offers precision in direction. For anyone with a defensive playing style, this paddle will be a great choice.


Weight: 5.6 ounces
Product Dimensions: ‎12 x 7.3 x 2.8 inches
Grip Size: 3 1/4 inches
Player type: beginner to intermediate
Performance ratings: speed 96, spin 94, and control 90
IITF approved for tournament play
New inbuilt Shock Dispersion Technology which improves the speed and control of the paddle.
High-quality rubber with a 2mm sponge
6 plies and weightless blade
Advanced crystal technology used in rubbers
Price: $ 56.86

  • Lightweight
  • Great value for money
  • Great for defense during gameplay
  • Offers good grip from both sides
  • Offers the best control to speed ratio
  • Lighter than the average racket.
  • The edges of the paddle’s handle are slightly rough. The player’s hand may get sore after a long game.

5: Stiga Supreme

The Stiga Supreme is one of the best defensive ping pong paddles available due to its soft sponge and ‘Future’ rubber that gives it great control. It is lightweight and is targeted at ping pong enthusiasts who want to move to more serious play.


Dimensions: ‎10 x 6 x 0.25 inches
Weight: ‎0.35 Pounds
ITTF approved for tournament play
Performance Ratings: Speed: 90 Spin: 92 Control: 89
Features Shock dispersion technology
6-Ply Extra Light Blade
Sponge thickness: 2mm
Future Inverted Rubber and Crystal tech technology
The Stiga supreme allows for good backspin, service return, and chopping.

  • Affordable
  • Great value for money
  • Great control for chops and backspin
  • Offers good grip from both sides
  • Offers the best control to speed ratio
  • Lower speed
  • Not good for top spins away from the table

For Advanced Players

6: Killerspin Jet400

The Killerspin Jet400 has an Amazon’s Choice badge which shows it is quite popular with the users. This paddle is for intermediate players transitioning to the advanced level.


The blade is made of 5 layers of high-quality wood
Premium Nitrx-4Z rubber that allows for greater spin and firmer grip on ball strikes.
Shakehand style paddle with a flared handle for superior grip- also ensures the paddle does not slip off after a hard-hitting shot
Sponge thickness:1.8mm
Grip Size: 3 7/8 inches
Performance ratings: Speed: 7, Spin: 9, Control: 8
Player type: intermediate to advanced
ITTF-approved for tournament play
Dimensions: 6.13 x 10 inches- portable size makes it easy to carry
Weight: 182g
Comes with a personalized memory book which provides paddle protection when not in use

  • Reasonably priced
  • Allows great control
  • A good amount of spin
  • Comes with a 30-day warranty
  • A little on the heavy side
  • The rubber requires maintenance

7: Butterfly 401

If you are an expert ping pong player looking to invest in a high-quality paddle, the Butterfly 401 Ping Pong Paddle is a great option to consider. It is ranked as one of Amazon’s top choices in the category. It is a great investment if you want enhanced control, spin, and speed in your ping pong games against opponents.


Weight: 165 grams
Dimensions: ‎7 x 12 x 1.75 inches
Performance rating: Speed: 8.0, Spin: 8.0, Control: 8.5
Skill level: expert
The Butterfly 401 Ping Pong Paddle is built with red and black Yuki 2.1 mm rubbers, that give the player speed and tackiness required for spins.
Sponge thickness: 2.1mm
Rubber sponge is on the thinner side and prevents the ball from bouncing too much, making it the perfect paddle for a defensive player.
The Shakehand style of the paddle’s handle coupled with a rounded, flared design offers superior grip and better control.
A protective paddle case is given to ensure the paddle is kept in good condition.

  • It has a 2.1mm thick sponge.
  • Great quality at competitive price
  • Comes with a paddle case to prevent any wear and tear
  • It has a thick handle that allows a better grip.
  • Hard to use for beginners
  • The Butterfly 401 Ping Pong Paddle is a little heavy than the standard paddles.

8: Joola Infinity Balance

The Joola Infinity Balance paddle is from the infinity series by Joola, a highly trusted brand whose products are used in the biggest tournaments in the world including the Olympics and US Open.


Dimensions: 10.39 x 6.3 x 1.14 inches
Weight: ‎0.26 Kilograms
1-year Manufacturer’s warranty
Skill level: Professional
ITTF approved for tournaments
Ergonomic flared grip handle for improved performance
Performance rating: speed: 92, spin: 92, control: 92.
Features Joola Micron rubber on both sides with a sponge thickness of 2.1mm.
Flexible PVC edge tape for protection of the side of the racket.
Blade: 7 ply premium wood combining Limbi, Koto, Bayous, and Kiri woods allowing for increased spin and control

  • Great for quick counterattacks
  • Better spin and more control
  • Lightweight- doesn’t tire the player with weight
  • The tacky rubber with high thickness makes it a good paddle for both offensive and defensive play
  • Difficult to handle for beginners
  • The handle is an inch and a half short than usual

Comparative Analysis

For beginners just starting out, the Killerspin Jet200, Palio Expert 2.0, and Stiga Titan are all good options to consider. They offer a good performance rating, with more focus on control compared to speed. A new player would first be concerned with controlling the ball and then would look to improve speed.
Amongst the three, the Palio Expert appears to have the best features overall. This is also supported by customer reviews.
However, once you have got the hang of the game and learned some techniques, you need to upgrade to an intermediate or advanced paddle to get the most out of your game. For intermediate-level players, the Stiga Evolution and the Stiga Supreme are both great choices. Stiga is an established brand of ping pong and is known the world over for its high quality. Generally, the Stiga Evolution has better features in terms of grip and overall features. However, for the best defense, Stiga Supreme is the clear winner.


The market is saturated with ping pong paddles of every size, quality, and price. Depending on the usage of the paddle, a decision should be made. For a beginner who is just taking it up as a hobby, a low-priced racket would be appropriate while for someone looking to actively improve in the game, a higher quality paddle would be a better choice.
We hope we have simplified the buying decision for you. Happy Paddle Shopping!

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