Best Ping Pong Paddle for Spin

Are you striving for the best table tennis paddle for spin? As far as buying a ping pong racket set is concerned, there is a huge variety to choose the one. But it becomes a bit difficult to decide the right paddle that suits your playing style. Whether a beginner or an experienced player, you need to get the best ping pong paddle for immense power and spin.

Seems too challenging? Don’t worry; we have reviewed the best ping pong paddles worth the money. In this article, we will talk about some qualities that you should consider while getting a ping pong racket. The article will shed some light on several aspects of ping pong paddles and their features. Scroll down to get into more details.


How to acquire the best ping pong paddle for spin?

Ping pong rackets are often specified on three features, spin, speed, and control. If you are a tennis player, you must know that beginners should choose the paddle which offers great control, while intermediate and advanced players should rely on speed.

After researching, we conclude the characteristics that professional table tennis players consider while choosing the best table tennis paddle for a spin. These features include high-quality rubber materials that ensure optimal spin and performance. In addition, the paddle’s suitable version entails better spin, more power, and topspin.

Spin is strongly connected to speed and control and can boost your performance to another level. So, when you are buying a ping pong paddle for a spin, make sure to associate it with control or speed corresponding to your playing level.

Since it is one of the most popular playing styles, there is a huge market for table tennis paddles for those players who use more spins while playing. If you want to be a pro, get brand new and the best ping pong paddles for yourself to attain maximum spin. We recommend you use the high-quality professional ping pong paddle from the beginning of your career.

This article has composed a list of professional ping pong paddles for a spin, including all the necessary guidance. We expect this article will be helpful for you with the selection of the best table tennis paddle to kickstart your playing career. So, let’s dive into more details and to know about professional and best ping pong paddles for a spin.

1: Butterfly 401 table tennis paddle- Best Ping Pong Paddle for Spin

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backpac Butterfly 401 table tennis paddle sponge:
Yuki sponge 2.1mm thick
Paddle ratings:
Control 8.5, Spin 8.0, Speed 8.0
Weight: 165 grams
Dimensions: 17.78× 30.48× 4.45cm
Grip: Shakehand style flared
Blade: 5ply wood blade
ITTF approved
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Are you digging through a paddle that can provide you with a tremendous amount of spin? The butterfly 401 is a professional ping pong paddle that gives you maximum spin, control, and speed for competitive ping pong matches. Butterfly 401 table tennis features a red and black-colored rubber on the forehand and backhand side respectively.

Butterfly 401 table tennis features 2.1mm Yuki tacky rubber, which means the ping pong ball grips the paddle upon contact and enables you to generate more spin. A traditional shakehand style with a flared grip that is spacious at the bottom. This handle provides superior grip and comfort when playing for long competitive games.


  • speed
  • Good control
  • ITTF approved
  • Shakehand style flared handle
  • Shakehand style handle offers exemplary grip
  • Yuki tacky rubber and thick sponge allows generating optimal spin and decent


  • The handle is smaller.
  • Incredibly tacky surface attracts dust quickly, so you should frequently clean the rubbers. Otherwise, they can lose their tackiness.

2: Butterfly Nakama S8-Best Ping Pong Paddle for Spin

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backpac Butterfly Nakama S8 Speed: 82.0
Spin: 87.0
Control: 60.0
Dimensions: 11 x 6.5 x 1 inch (27.9 x 16.5 x 2.5 cm)
Blade: 5ply wood blade
Handle: Flared
Rubber: Flextra rubber 1.9mm thick
ITTF approved
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This butterfly Nakama S8 is a professional table tennis paddle made of high-quality wood and Flextra rubber that enhances speed and spin. The black and red Flextra rubber generates more speed and spin than the other ping pong paddles. Moreover, it has a good quality paddle.

The Namaka S8 is assembled with a high-quality inverted Flextra 1.9mm sponge that gives you very quick shots when you strike the ping pong ball by producing a stretchy motion. The flared-designed handle offers a superior and comfortable grip. Blue and orange-colored shakehand style give this ping pong paddle a stylish look.

Namaka S8 is the best ping pong paddle for those who seek to hit fast shots and level up their game. The ITTF authorized Nakama S8 is one of the best ping pong paddles for a spin and is loved by some of the professional players in the world.


  • Ideal for advanced level players
  • Generate tremendous speed and enormous spin


  • We couldn’t find any

3: Palio Master 3.0 best table tennis paddle for spin

Image Product Details   Price
backpac Palio Master 3.0 Blade: All wood Master 3.0
Rubber: Palio CJ8000 Rubber
Rubber Type: Inverted
Handle: Flared
Speed: 8
Spin: 9
Control: 8
Style: Shakehand
Approval: ITTF certified
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Palio Master is the most popular table tennis bat of the Palio Expert Table Tennis series. It is redesigned with all wood blades to provide the players with high power and feeling. The paddle features Palio CJ8000 rubber high in tackiness and generates higher spin. Master 3.0 procures a perfect ratio between control and speed that supports amateurs learning advanced skills.

Palio Master features a wider edge tap that keeps the rubber secured. The ITTF certified rubbers can be replaced and removed when needed. The blade has a redesigned flared handle that has a comfortable grip. Palio 3.0 provides a good quality case to protect the table tennis paddle.

We highly recommend Palio Master 3.0 to intermediate players who already know spin and want to maximize their performance. Palio Master 3.0 is an all-around racket and surely the best ping pong paddle for a spin. It’s a high standard paddle as well as great value for money.


  • ITTF certified tacky CJ8000 rubbers
  • Allows extreme performance
  • Soft and replaceable rubber
  • High standard and reliable
  • Outstanding spin


  • Not ideal for advanced level players
  • Little bit heavier

4: Stiga Pro Carbon Performance- Best Ping Pong Paddle for Spin

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backpac Stiga Pro Carbon Performance Product name: Stiga Pro Carbon
Dimensions: ‎2 x 6.25 x 21.5 inches
Spin: 100
speed 99
control: 80
Blade: 5- plywood and two layers of carbon
2.0 mm Stiga 5 rubber
(flared) concave handle
Stiga Pro Carbon is ITTF approved so you can use it in official tournaments.
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If you are an aggressive player and want more spin and power from your racket, then Stiga Pro Carbon could be the best choice for you. Its carbon technology makes it durable and offers great speed.
The Stiga Pro Carbon offers noticeably more spin and speed.

The Stiga Pro Carbon features seven lightweight blade layers that allow high performance with spin and speed. The carbon layer produces an enormous sweet spot. The Stiga Pro Carbon features Star5 2.0mm ITTF approved replaceable rubber. You can replace the rubber after playing.

It has a concave handle that provides a relaxed grip and tilts the paddle to create more spin. Stiga Pro Carbon is the best table tennis for spin specially constructed for professional players.


  • Carbon technology rubbers deliver great spin
  • Lightweight, hence increase speed
  • Affordable yet reliable
  • Replaceable rubber
  • Comfortable grip
  • ITTF approved


  • It might be too fast for beginners
  • It comes in an ordinary packaging

5: Killerspin Jet800 speed N2 ping pong paddle

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backpac Killerspin Jet800 speed N2 Speed: 9.5
Control: 8.0
Spin: 9.0
Playstyle: aggressive style
Dimensions: 6.13 x 6 x 0.54 inches
Weight: 266 Grams
Blade: 7ply, five wood, and two carbon
Rubber: Nitrx-4z
Sponge: 2.1mm
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If you want to make a good appearance by dominating your competitor with strong ping pong shots, then jet800 N2 could be the best choice for you. The Killerspin jet800 comprises five wood and two carbon layers. The carbon layers enlarge the sweet spot of this paddle, while the wood blades provide the paddle with a reliable and solid core.

The ITTF approved Nitrx-4z rubber is used in this paddle that generates power and spin. Jet800 has a traditional ergonomic flared handle grip that stops the paddle from slipping out of your hands when you hit hard shots. In addition, the paddle is surrounded by side taps which protect the racket from damage.

The racket comes in a classical gift-worthy packaging in which you can collect records and signatures. The case also provides safety to your paddle. Overall, Killerspin jet800 N2 is the best ping pong paddle that will enhance your playing ability.


  • Durable
  • Traditional ergonomic flared handle
  • Nitrox-4z rubber generate great spin
  • Well structured and high standard paddle made with high-quality materials


  • It takes time to adapt to its heavy paddle
  • Fast paddle, not suitable for absolute beginners
  • It’s the most expensive ping pong paddle but worth the money


What basic features should we consider in a ping pong paddle to get more spin?

The basic aspects of a ping pong paddle to get a decent amount of spin are rubber tackiness, thickness, a thick sponge, and wood blades. So, when you are searching for a ping pong paddle for spin keep these aspects in your mind.

Which side of the ping pong paddle offers more spin?

If you strive to get the absolute spin on every single shot, the black side could be the best preference for you. The black side offers extra spin, while the red side is best for speed.

How to hold a ping pong paddle?

The first step to level up your game is the way you hold your equipment. Your grip and playing techniques define your level of experience and game quality. Different varieties of grips are used in ping pong paddles. But we suggest you try them and see which grip style suits you.

Before getting any ping pong paddle, it’s better to practice with all the paddles. Moreover, do not tighten your paddle because it limits flexibility and speed. So, keep your grip relaxed and loose.

Buying Guide

Ping Pong is one of the most popular games that everyone loves to play, but choosing the best ping pong paddle could be an overwhelming decision for beginners and intermediate professionals.

As you have walked through some of the best ping pong paddles, you should still know a few more basic things before purchasing a ping pong table tennis racket for spin. This buying guide will help you choose the best ping pong paddle for spin according to your playing style and requirements.

For beginners

If you have just stepped your foot into a table tennis game, you should choose a paddle with springy wood for a spin. Buy a paddle with 2mm sponge thickness.

For intermediate players

If you have learned how to spin and want to control the spin, you must go for a racket that is 5-7 ply with a 2mm sponge thickness.

Sponge thickness

The thickness of a rubber plays a significant role in generating a good spin. For example, the quantity of rubber on a ping pong paddle can change your spin. The thicker sponge will lead to more speed on the spin, while the thinner sponge gives you more control over the spin.

Racket size

Another important point you should consider while buying a paddle is its size. Always choose the paddle that fits in your hands accurately. Make sure you get the right size because playing with a smaller paddle would be difficult for you.

Choose ITTF approved ping pong paddles

There are a lot of companies that claim to be real, but only a few of them provide quality products. Choosing the best table tennis for a spin can be a hustle for you because there are a lot of brands for ping pong paddles and balls out there. So, always select the paddle that is ITTF certified. It means they meet the standards of ITTF, and you can use those ping pong paddles and balls in international tournaments.

Get a customized table tennis racket

You can also get a customized ping pong paddle for yourself. Professional players mostly prefer getting a customized racket. You can select high-quality rubbers, handles, blades, etc of your choice to get the best ping pong paddle because a good quality paddle is essential to achieve superior performance.

Final verdict:

Coming towards the end, in this article, we have listed the five best table tennis rackets for a spin. We have discussed every paddle in detail. Along with that, we have also penned a buying guide that will assist you in getting the best ping pong paddle and balls to level up your game.

If your playing style relies on the spin, then any of the above-discussed rackets could be the best for you. However, we recommend the Stiga Pro Carbon and Killerspin because they offer great spin and speed.

We hope this guide will make your choice easier to get the best ping pong paddle for a spin. The above-discussed ping pong paddles are the best seller paddles and have good reviews. If you find this guide helpful, give us your valuable feedback. Also, if there is still any question in your mind, ask freely in the comment box. We would love to answer your queries.

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