Olympic ping pong paddle


Comparison Table

Image Product Details   Price
backpac Killerspin Jet200 Ping Pong Paddle Performance:
Control: 8.5, Spin: 7,
Power: 6
Five plywood extra light blade
Flared handle
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backpac Stiga Pro Carbon Olympic Ping Pong Paddle Performance ratings:
Spin: 100, control: 80 speed 99
5- plywood and two layers of carbon
2.0 mm S5 rubber
concave handle
ITTF approved:
Yes, you can use it for official tournaments.
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cordlessblower Butterfly 401 Table Tennis Racket Set Paddle ratings:
Control 8.5, Spin 8.0,
Speed 8.0
2.1 mm sponge
165 grams
17.78× 30.48× 4.45cm
Shakehand style flared paddle grip
5ply wood blade
ITTF approved:
Butterfly 401 meets the standards of ITTF and can be used in official tournaments.
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cordlessblower Stiga Evolution Performance level Ratings:
control 90, speed 96,
spin 94
2mm sponge on both sides
Stiga premium rubber
12×7.3× 28
ITTF approved?
Yes! it is ITTF approved
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Are you facing difficulty selecting the right ping pong paddle for yourself? No doubt, buying the best Olympic ping pong paddle is not a simple task. But, worry not, we have put together the best Olympic ping pong paddle in this article to make the selection easier for you.

Having the best table tennis can take you to the win and a loss as well. This guide will help you get a paddle that accommodates your playing style. Remember, the best ping pong paddle is not the most expensive one. It is the one that suits your playing strategies.

We have talked about the pros and cons of some of the best rackets based on performance and reviews. Now without wasting your precious time, let’s discuss the best Olympic ping pong paddles.

1: Killerspin Jet200 Ping Pong Paddle

Olympic ping pong paddle

If you want to buy a ping pong paddle that helps you beat your competitors, then Killerspin Jet200 table tennis would be the best option for you. Jet200 is one of the best seller Olympic ping pong paddles on Amazon. It is perfect for learners and recreational players.

The Jet 200 comes in three eye-catching colors: Mocha, blue vanilla, and lime. It is crafted from a 5-ply wood blade and a long-lasting rubber with performance ratings of spin:7, control: 8;5, and speed: 6 that is ideal for beginners and intermediate players. The racket’s edge is surrounded by elastic PVC tape to prevent damage.

The racket has a high-quality paddle that provides you with decent speed, spin, and perfect control. This recreational ping pong paddle is ideal for learning basic strokes and ball control. It comes in a personalized gift box storage case that helps you record scores, collect signatures, or compose a personalized message. Moreover, you can also keep your racket in this storage case.


  • High-quality paddle
  • Flexible Pvc tape to protect damage
  • Lightweight, comfortable grip
  • Cool designs and colors


  • Poorly constructed handle that feels rough
  • Not ideal for the higher level players
  • Not ITTF approved, you can’t use this in official tournaments

2: Stiga Pro Carbon Olympic Ping Pong Paddle

Olympic ping pong paddle

Stiga pro carbon is an ideal Olympic ping pong paddle for seeking incredible speed during playing. It shows carbon technology for speed and power. Featuring ITTF-approved STAR5 rubber, the Stiga Pro Carbon shows performance ratings of 2.0mm sponge spin:100, speed a 99, and control 80. It provides you with a wider sweet spot when playing.

The Stiga pro carbon consists of an extra-light carbon blade. It comprises five balsa wood and two layers of carbon, which helps develop an offensive playstyle. You can use this blade to attain ultimate power without losing your control. Despite its lightweight, the blade is pretty fast and doesn’t vibrate.

The concave handle gives a relaxed hold and grip. If you don’t play with thick sponges, you might take some time to adjust. But, once you become habitual to it, you will feel that it is easy to control.


  • A lightweight blade offers outstanding performance with spin and speed.
  • ITTF approved star5 rubber.
  • Concave handle for comfortable grip.
  • Replaceable rubber
  • Suitable for looping and smashing


  • It might be too fast for beginners
  • Not suitable for defensive strokes

3: Butterfly 401 Table Tennis Racket Set

Olympic ping pong paddle

The Set of the butterfly 401 table tennis racket features Yuki 2.1 mm ITTF approved rubber for ping pong tournaments. The rubber and sponge layer provides speed and extra tackiness to the spin when striking the ball. It’s a professional quality Olympic ping pong paddle that allows you a perfect amount of spin and control for competitive matches.

This ping pong paddle has a shakehand style rounded flared grip wider at the bottom. It offers superior grip and comfort that helps you beat your opponent. The butterfly 401 racket comes with a free case that protects your paddles from harmful elements.

This 401 ping pong paddle comes in a gift box that can be a wonderful present for any table tennis player. Professional players from all around the world prefer butterfly paddles. Overall, it is an ideal paddle to strike hard ping pong shots with spin.


  • Very high-quality paddle.
  • Rounded flared handle, wider towards the end, stop the bat to slip out of your hands.
  • It comes with a case
  • Provides reasonable control and spin


  • The handle is short and might not be suitable for large hands.
  • Case quality is not so good.

4: Stiga Evolution Performance level

Olympic ping pong paddle

The Stiga Evolution is a tremendous shake-handle style racket that has consistently been ranked high in the top ping pong paddles list. It features ITTF approved Stiga’s premium rubber. The Stiga Evolution features exciting technology in the Shock Dispersion Tube, which allows the energy and vibration to be transferred through the tube to the end of grip upon ball contact. As a result, you get a better grip and a steadier feel.

It features a 2mm thick sponge on each side. The Stiga Evolution ping pong paddle features performance ratings of spin 94, control 90, and speed 96, and it features a 6-ply portable all-wood blade that provides you power when needed.

If you are a beginner and looking for a paddle with high control, Stiga Evolution could be the best option for beginners and intermediate players who want to maintain control. The Stiga Evolution is ITTF approved, which means you can use this Olympic ping pong paddle in official tournaments.


  • Features shock dispersion technology
  • ITTF approved premium rubber that spins very well
  • Well balanced paddle that would be ideal for beginners
  • Durable and cost-effective
  • Stiga Evolution has the perfect balance of spin, control, and grip


  • The edges of the handle are uncomfortable
  • May feels lightweight for attackers


What are performance ratings?

While searching for ping pong paddles, you might notice performance ratings. These ratings are provided by their manufacturer, so it’s useless to relate the performance of various brands based on these ratings.
Check out the specifications individually, check every part and compare each Olympic ping pong paddle with one another to find the right one for your skill level.

Why are Olympic ping pong paddles primarily red and black?

Well, these two colors relate to defensive and offensive playing styles. The black side gives a better spin while the red side usually creates less spin and is faster than the black side.

How to choose the best table tennis?

The first step is to realize your playing style, as we told you already. It is crucial to recognize whether you are buying a paddle for beginners or professionals. Even the most expensive paddle from a very well-known brand is just a waste if it doesn’t suit your playing style.

Are good ping pong paddles expensive?

Well, readers, expensive paddles are generally the good ones. They offer more durability and flexibility as compared to low-priced paddles. Most of the costly table tennis rackets use premium rubber and new technologies that can effectively help you improve your tennis skills.

Is it important to keep your paddle clean?

Yes! Always clean your racket after every two months to avoid dust and stains. But remember, don’t use hard scrubs on your bat while cleaning. Keep your paddle clean and safe. Use a racket case to keep your racket clean. It will also protect your racket.

What are the top brands of table tennis racquets?

Many well-known brands make the best paddles. Some of the good brands include Stiga, Joola, and butterfly.

Buying Guide:

Now, you are familiar with some of the top Olympic ping pong paddles. You must have knowledge about a few basic points before buying them. We have written a buying guide to help you because we want you to choose the best Olympic ping pong paddle in every possible way.

The most crucial point you must keep in mind while buying a paddle is knowing what sort of player you are? What is your experience level? If you get an expensive racket without analyzing your playing style and experience level, you have wasted a lot of your money.

Knowing the several parts of the paddles will also help you pick the right ping pong paddle for your playing mode and experience level. Learn more about how to purchase a professional ping pong paddle. Keep reading to have an ultimate guide.


A good paddle is necessary to achieve maximum power and feeling while playing. If you play with a defensive style, a denser and heavier paddle would be better for you. If you are an offensive-style player, a light carbon fiber racket would be a good fit for you.


Always select the right handle that fits your playing style. There are three sorts of handles:

⦁ Flared
⦁ Anatomic
⦁ Straight handle

If you are a beginner and confused about which handle shape is ideal for you, we recommend you get a paddle with flared grip. But you must recognize your style and find what fits your playing style.


Remember, the blade decides your playing style. It’s your hand, and it will give you the feeling of a ball. The blade should be offensive and flexible.

Forehand and backhand sponge:

You should choose the offensive rubbers for both sides. Always select a rubber that is not too soft or too hard. Avoid choosing thin rubbers. Prefer a rubber with a thickness of around 2.0mm to 2.20mm.

We have mentioned some crucial tips. They will be helpful for beginners and players to get the best table tennis for their requirements. Study the reviews and see ratings of each product. Remember, to get the best ping pong paddle, you should take your time with research. We hope this buying guide will assist you to choose the best Olympic ping pong paddle that fits your style.

Bottom Line:

Alright, readers, we have covered almost everything that you need to remember before purchasing an Olympic ping pong paddle. All the ping pong paddles that we have discussed above have good reviews and four stars ratings. So, all you need to do is thorough research before buying an Olympic ping pong paddle.

All these paddles are great for beginners, intermediate, and professional players. They are durable and worth the price. Choose the best paddle and enjoy playing with your buddies and family. Selecting the right ping pong paddle will guarantee you to level up your game and take you to the win.

We hope this guide will clear your confusion and help you select the best ping pong paddle. We wanted to answer your every query. If we have missed answering any of your issues, you can ask your queries in the comments. We would be happy to help you.

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